Why Network Marketing is Important. Why you Should Start Network Marketing.

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Firstly if you know what is Network Marketing then its a good thing and the people who don’t know What is Network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Selling.So here i define in short.
Network Marketing is a marketing mechanism adopted by a Company to promote it Products or Services directly to the end users. Here the company does not market or advertise its Products and Services, rather the people like me or you do this for the company and are being paid in return.

Difference between Direct Selling and Traditional Selling

In a traditional method of marketing a product goes through various channels before it reaches the end user, hence the cost of a product increase to a great extent. But in Network Marketing all the channels are not there as the product reached directly from a company representative to the end user, who can be the next company Representative. As a result of it company saves huge amount of money by not advertising and the movement of their product from one channel to another, as a result of it, they can pay you handsome commissions.

Author of the world best business book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad” Mr.Robert Kiyosaki says that while you are working for other, you never became successful. When people start working for you, you are onway to become success.
Network Marketing is the business where people can work for you.I have many reason to tell you, why you must start Network Marketing.
There are a lot of reason for starting Network Marketing.Here i define some of the reason.

1. Passive Income:

There are four types of income.Look at the image shown below.

Four types of income

Most of the people join Network Marketing to earn more and more money.Network Marketing is little different from your job. In your job you paid for the work you have done. When you stop working, they not pay you.Your earning stops.But in MLM when you start and reach at the position when you start some earning, then this earning will never stop for you.It is for life time either you work or not.If you work continuously then this income increase day by day.

2. Give you Real Life Experience:

If you are a college student then you must start Network Marketing .It gives you real life experience like how to do business,how to convince anyone to believe on you, how to talk to anyone.In future if you want to do business then you must start network marketing. It teach you the basic of business at no risk.90 out of 100 startups fail due to lack of knowledge & Experience.

3. Public speaking-

In the 21st century, public speaking is very important to represent yourself in front of a lot of people. Fear of public speaking is 2nd biggest fear on the Earth. It doesn’t to which fields you belong; Public speaking is required in every field. Network marketing business boost your confidence in public speaking. As a network marketer, you can go on the stage every day and easily overcome the fear of public speaking. In Marketing, you can easily learn the public speaking, and become a champion in the public speaking.

4. No Risk-

With network marketing companies you can start with just a computer and a small investment to get started. Some have even started with no money to invest. Only time and hard work. If you were considering starting a traditional business, generally speaking, you are looking at big investment, just to start the business.And if your business idea not work properly then you have face a big loss.
Network Marketing allows you to start business at no-risk. Consider you might be unsuccessful in MLM then there is no loss. Network Marketing gives you invaluable knowledge and increase your personality.

5. People Skills-

People skills are very important to every people, no matter in which field he works. Every people no matter he is employee,business man,worker,student manage people.Network Marketing teach you how to manage people. While doing Network Marketing, you meet every day new people and you have to manage them.Firstly you face problem to manage people but with the passage of time you can manage all type of people.

It also increase students communication skills. When students have people skills then it looks in their body language when they gave interview of it companies or when they talk with a big man

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